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Jade Scotland Stewart
Social Media Director

"I'm absolutely in love with B12Plast Vitamin B12 Patches plus 10 Essential Vitamins!💝 It's so much easier to wear a patch, then have to take a ton of supplements to keep yourself healthy! My life has just become simplified!😍"

Amanda Vimba

"Hey guys! So I just discovered this great product the VITAMIN B12 PATCH’(plus 10 Essential vitamins). Its a vitamin patch that provides energy plus mental clarity & focus by transferring active ingredients into the bloodstream via cutting edge transdermal technology😱 You can see the small patch located on my right shoulder. Honestly, I suffer from chronic fatigue & this patch gave me so much more energy during the day. I was way more active/productive than usual with this amazing product😌💪🏽💯 Now I don’t have to take huge pills or nasty vitamin gummies anymore🙅🏽‍♀️ "

Cindy Vieira

" Welcome to the future🍭 ~There’s a new way to get your B12 Vitamin supplements. 👀 👀 ~By using @b12plast, you can transfer active ingredients into the bloodstream via cutting edge technology. "

Jody Leigh
Makeup artist

“Are you looking for some more energy, naturally, without caffeine? I know I always am. I can’t have caffeine so when I saw these Transdermal Vitamin B12 Patches 5000 Mcg Plus 10 Essential Vitamins I was excited to try them! . Vitamin B12 is known for boosting energy. These patches also have 10 Essential Vitamins that help improve vision, concentration and restore mental clarity and they’re also made in USA. “

Jackie Palatnikov
Host /Rapper

“See that tiny lil patch on my back? What if I told you it’s packed with more than 10 vitamins?! You stick it on for 24 hours and you get this energy boost which is actually kinda crazy if you think about it. And y’all know me, I STAY sleepy, so I had to try it… and I love it!”

Katherine Ante
Avid B12 Patch user

"I did not have much faith but today a week after I put the second patch, I can say that they work. I had an increase in energy and I was much more concentrated."

Dailyn Rodriguez Jurquet
Managing Market Mentor

"Today I come to tell you a little about these TRANSDERMAL patches. These contain 11 essential vitamins like Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) -5000mcg, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) - 2mg ,Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) - 2mg, Vitamin B3 (Niacin) - 25mg, Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) - 10mg, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) - 3mg."

Kanoe Pelfrey

"I recommend taking Vitamin B12 Energy Patches! There are 10 essential vitamins that help to improve vision, concentration and restore mental clarity. They are 100% Made in USA! I felt more energetic taking these energy patches!"

Tara Pittman

" I love this unique way of getting some B vitamins into my body! Vitamin B12 is known for boosting Energy and I can always use more energy. I also love the fact that I don't have to swallow any pills. "

Jason Pittam

“I was unsure if there would be any impact but I soon found out that these transdermal patches kept me focused throughout my day. As an active Dad as well as high profile client work, I’m glad these patches are easy and safe to use.”

Teofil Dwornik
Satisfied Customer

“Okay, my name is Teofil Dwornik my telephone is . I’m calling regarding the review of Vitamin B12 patches, the product is very good let’s say B12 patch is very highly recommended and then I would say I will buy in the future again. And I’m very happy with the B12 patch. It’s beyond expectation so it’s working really good. I would recommend my friends and my family in the future to buy that.”

Renee Coughlin
B12 Patch Lover

"Hello, this is Renee Coughlin. I had a gastric bypass surgery in 2003. I struggle to keep my B12 levels up. Five years ago, I started using your patches and have had such success with them. My lab work has always shown that my B12 levels are good, and it's strictly due to using this convenient and cost effective product. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is in need of this particular vitamin, and I imagine any other vitamin that they might be able to get through these patches. Thank you!"

Tesa Frevert

“Hi, my name is Tessa and I’m 39 years old. Prior to using the B12 patches, I was feeling a lot of numbness and tingling through my arms and starting in my legs. And this is getting to the point where it was so painful at night that I couldn’t sleep. Discussing this with my husband who is a physician, he brought up that it was possible that my Eosinophilic Esophagitis or EOE, and thus my long term use of antacids had perhaps cause my body to stop absorbing B12 correctly and that could be why I was experiencing this numbness and pain in my arms and legs. After speaking to my personal doctor, she wanted to run a bunch of blood test and just do all kinds of extra stuff before she would give me a B12 injection. And so I started exploring how I could get that B12 into my system without going through my doctor. I found your B12 patches and tried them and within 3 weeks that numbness and tingling in my arms and legs is gone. I have more energy and I’m sleeping great and I absolutely have and do recommend B12 patches. I don’t think that there’s any other way to get it in your system for as far as affordably as these patches. I absolutely love them.”

Cathy Mulholland
B12 Plast Customer

“Hi, this is Cathy from Saint Louis, Missouri. And before using the B12 patches, I was just tired and never had any energy. I had lab work done and my goal is really to have normal lab ratings. So you know, they said B12 injections that I got really tired of. And so I came across these B12 patches. They work magnificently. You know, my energy is just back to normal and I love the idea that they offer free shipping and they don’t put any extra, they have some extra vitamins but nothing extra that your body doesn’t need. I’m so happy with it and whenever my friends start talking about or asking me you know why what’s the different, I always bring up B12 patches because I use them regularly, every week. So I’m so happy with them. It’s really beyond what I expected. I had normal lab reading, the doctor even asks me what I was on. So thank you so much. I just want to let you know how much I really respect them and I’m so glad that I found you guys and your B12 patches. So, thank you.”

Tanya Davie

Hi, my name is Tanya. I am 62 years old and I have heard about the wonders of B12, and I know people that have shots and I didn’t want to do that. So I was suffering from Covid, fatigue. I had lethargy, melancholy, loss of appetite lack of focus, and I saw this ad and thought I would go ahead and request my patches. I have used the patches for a month now and I have found that they have fixed everything that I was hoping. I feel more alert. I have a better appetite and one of the perks was it feels like my fingernails are growing much better and stronger. And I have recommended this product to three other people that have purchased it; one of them my daughter-in-law my, 93 year old mother. And my husband’s doctor just recently mentioned that it may help with his restless leg syndrome, so I’m going to have him start taking it also. I really appreciate this product. I think it’s a great item. Thank you!